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Motorcycle frame measurement

Most popular: MotoSmartLaser:

The world's cheapest and smartest motorcycle frame gauge. The price of the instrument pays for itself in 3-4 measurements.

Its use is highly recommended for checking the motorcycle after an accident!

- Cost-effective motorcycle frame measurement
- Printed measurement report for the customer (with editable doc. see link below)
- An excellent tool for checking the motorcycle frame before purchase
- Perfect rear wheel adjustment even on off-road bikes

NOTE: laser module use class 2 laser light under 1mW power. It has CE, UK classification.

MotoSmartLaser kit: MotoSmartLaser basic kit

MotoSmartLaser user manual:MSL user manual

Measurement sheet sample: 

Measurement sample

Download Editable Link for Measurement sheet: Measurement sheet


VIDEO: tip for adapter use

VIDEO: tip for solid axel's bike measurement: solid axle's bike

VIDEO:Bike frame measurement:  measurement sample